Our Mission

By creating a Social Enterprise, our mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities. We can only do this through the support of and partnership with ethical consumers.

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Our Ethical and Eco Story

The thing is people with disabilities have a hard time finding jobs. Being unemployed is lonely and makes you feel isolated, depressed and unmotivated.

We are changing that. WILL&ABLE is a social enterprise. An organisation that provides over 200 jobs for people with mental and physical disabilities.

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Our fast re-ordering system

We have made it fast and super easy. Once you sign up, you provide us with the required details, and you can make your first order. Now, when you reorder, we have made it super-fast and super-easy. We can put up to 5 products in one courier box, or 4 if you order an ecoDish Powder.

The fastest way is when you are running out of a product, just use your mobile and scan the QR code on the back of the bottle and it will take you straight through to the website.

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Our Big Boss

This is our big boss, Martin. He’s cool and backs us 100%. He knows how to motivate us when we’re having a bad day. Martin’s son Claude is Autistic and non-verbal, so Martin’s got real empathy. He believes in us and we know he has our back.

We told Martin if he doesn’t get lots of people buying our range of eco cleaning products, we are going to have a serious talk with him!! Seriously, Martin, his awesome team and the board help us by creating jobs and work opportunities.

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