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We provide our employees with a job to work at, a community to belong to, a purpose to strive for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and a way to develop more independence and financial freedom. We want to establish a business long term that is owned and operated by people with disabilities and not limited by any constraints, with the goal of employing as many disabled people as possible - not only in Auckland but in the rest of NZ as well.

Our value proposition is providing environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products with true recycling and not just lip service, to ensure positive job creation for people with disabilities, so members can be sure their money is going towards a cause that focuses on ecological sustainability, social impact and ethics.

Our positioning statement is unique;

We are the only eco range of cleaning products in NZ using 100% recycled NZ milk bottles filled and packed by people with disabilities. The profit we make from sales, goes directly to creating more jobs, more work for people with disabilities.”

We are a Social Enterprise. Many products are launched under the “eco” banner, but they are not truly eco. We believe to be ethical, you must be eco inside and out.

Our value proposition is providing eco cleaning products with true 360 degree recycling to close the loop and not just lip service, to ensure positive job creation for people with disabilities, so members can be sure their money is going towards a cause with integrity that focuses on ecological sustainability, social impact and ethics.

The thing is you might have been trying to do the right thing by the environment by buying eco but your product is sitting in a nasty old petroleum-based virgin-plastic bottle! Big no no for the environment. Of course, recycling your virgin-plastic bottle is better than it going straight into the dump. But in 2017, 41 million kgs of New Zealand's plastic waste was exported overseas (1)! Another huge no no for the environment. Hence our 360-circular solution. Our bottles are made from 100% NZ milk bottles. Our RETURN TO SENDER recycling programme is our way of taking responsibility for what we make and sell, we collect and up-cycle. We guarantee your used WILL&ABLE bottles will be repurposed right here in Auckland into new useful materials. No virgin-plastic and no shipping recycling overseas. And your WILL&ABLE box will be recycled into packing material. That’s out eco and ethical story! - Recycling industry scrambles to solve our dirty waste secret

Our Team

The people who front the WILL&ABLE brand are featured on the labels. Our eco products are made by us, not machines. We fill the bottles with WILL&ABLE eco-products by hand. We put the lids and caps on by hand. We apply the label by hand. We package them up and send them off to you! We even helped draw the logos on the sides of the bottles. We are proud of who we are and what we have done!

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Hi I’m Hilton. I love to draw. I helped draw some of the logos on the side of the bottles. Which one is your favourite? I like the map of New Zealand, that was really hard to draw.

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Hi I’m Mosiah. I helped draw the logo designs you see featured on the side of all our eco bottles. I could have used a computer but then you wouldn’t see how good I can draw.

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Hi I’m Lavinia. Thank you for buying our ecoDish Wash. Do you know why our bottles have a funny colour and is not white like most of the other eco brands?

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Hi I’m Monique. Thank you for buying and using our eco products. I help fill bottles for you along with my friends. When you run out, can you please recorder another box?

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Hi I’m Mereana. I am so excited to be a team member. My job is to attach the trigger, make sure it’s turned off and fits tight. Don’t forget to use the QR code and order more when this one runs out.

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Hi I’m Alex. I have multiple talents. One of them is my ability to make sure each label is put straight on each bottle. My other talent is to make sure the right labels go on the right bottles.

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Hi I’m Steven. I am so happy that my work is recognised and supported by you and other ethical members. We all want the same thing, a good job, and a clean toilet!

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Hi I’m Thomas, things have come a long way since the invention of the toilet, and so have we with the invention of our 100% recycled bottle made from 100% kiwi milk bottles. PS: I’m not related to Thomas Crapper.

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Hi I’m Karen. I attach the pumps onto the handsoap bottles and double check that it’s really tight. My mates and I are looking forward to you ordering more, so we are kept busy!

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Hi I’m Kaneesha. Thank you for buying our eco products. I help put labels on the bottles.I love my job heaps and want you to love using or range of eco products. Before you run out, don’t forget to order more.

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We are the able body people behind the team!


Craig leads the Will&Able social enterprise. He has a 30 year background in senior executive and sales management positions in a range of NZ IT companies including Telecom, IBM, Gen-I, and Origin IT. His primary task is to engage Corporate NZ into making Will&Able their premier social purpose initiative. His motivation for joining Will&Able is his son Thomas who works at the parent company Altus Enterprises.


Maya looks after marketing at Will&Able. She is thrilled to be involved in such an innovative social enterprise that is providing real value to people and the planet. Maya has experience in marketing, design, logistics, and administration across a variety of roles. She is passionate about social enterprise, sustainability and the empowerment of marginalised groups and feels that she can work towards all of these at Will&Able.


Martin Wylie is the Director of Will&Able with over 30 years of senior management experience in numerous companies including Simpson Grierson, Slingshot, ihug, and Telecom. He has been heavily involved with Autism NZ for many years and is on the Board of Wilson Special School in Takapuna. Martin has a vision for Will&Able where it becomes a self-funding manufacturing and trading organisation. He wants to create fully paid job opportunities for people with disabilities (particularly intellectual) in New Zealand, with a unique range of branded products which are not only sustainable but can grow the business to meet the needs of hundreds of disabled people around the country.


Shivani takes care of production and dispatch at Will&Able. She has a background in operations, inventory management and logistics. Shivani helps coordinate the team who work on bottling, labelling, packing, and boxing Will&Able boxes. She helps ensure the logistics and dispatch runs smoothly and ensures that orders are sent away to you as soon as possible. Shivani is passionate about our people and loves what she does.


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