Can I make a donation rather than, or as well as, buying the eco cleaning products?
Either myself or someone I know wants to get the programme going with our own companies – what do we do?
Are all our products eco?
Are all our bottles recycled? What are the bottles made out of?
Why didn’t we use white plastic bottles?
Where do we make our products?
Are all workers disabled?
Do the disabled workers get paid well?
Are the workers involved with the administration?
Are the products guaranteed?
Are WILL&ABLE products more expensive than other eco products?
How much ecoLaundry Liquid do I use?
Are the products septic tank safe?
How fast will you receive your delivery?
How many bottles can you order at once?
Do we give discounts for bulk?
How much is shipping?
How will my order be shipped?
How do I return my bottles for recycling?
How do I track my order?
I never received my product, now what?
Need Help or want to Contact us?


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