Our  Partnership with Z Energy and Anchor

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Drop your empties at an Z Energy and Anchor near you

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Z Energy and Anchor to pioneer a new recycling initiative for the reuse of plastic packaging!

This gives Will&Able customers even more places to return their empties and help us close the loop! Together, we have launched specially designed recycling units at participating Z Energy sites across 39 sites in Auckland, encouraging Kiwis to drop off their Will&Able bottles in aid of reducing plastic waste and contributing to a circular economy.
All bottles collected will be recycled and turned into Will&Able bottles as part of our wider recycling efforts.

Z Energy | Proud to be part of the Will&Able community

Participating Z Energy baristas will also contribute empty milk bottles to the bins which will then be collected and sent to recycling sites to be repurposed into products such as plastic plumbing pipes, building paper and rubbish bags. This helps reduce waste in household recycling bins.

Z Energy Head of Community and Sustainability says
“By collaborating with Will&Able and Fonterra, we strive to create greater long-term value for our local communities and our environment than through an ordinary approach.”

Will&Able want Kiwis to get behind this initiative to help create more jobs for people with disabilities. You can get involved by dropping off your empties to the following Z stations:

Love all your products. Good quality effective, I highly recommend. Love containers are recycled and returned. The bonus is helping employ the smiley happy bunch of people.