ecoLaundry Powder

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1Kg  |  Fragrance Free

Introducing our brand new ecoLaundry Powder! It is eco-friendly, sensitive and fragrance free and septic tank safe.

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Our bottle partner developed and supplied us with plastic bottles made from recycled NZ milk bottles. The bottles were stress tested for 4 months and they stood up to the test. Every purchase you make helps clean up New Zealand's backyard!

Septic Tank Safe 

Front and Top Loader Safe

Directions For light/medium soiling use 3-5g per kg (1 scoop). For heavy soiling, use 9g per kg (1.5 scoops) *per kg: dry weight of laundry

Disposal Wash empty before recycling, drop your empties off at a Will&Able drop-off location or use our ‘Return To Sender’ program to upcycle your bottles!

Not tested on animals, cruelty free