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The Starter Pack gives you five of the ecoProduct in our range, bottled using 100% recycled NZ milk bottles.  Help us create more jobs for people with disabilities by grabbing yourself a Starter Pack!


  • ecoDish Liquid 500ml
  • ecoHand Soap 250ml
  • ecoMulti-Purpose 500ml
  • ecoLaundry Liquid 1L
  • ecoToilet Cleaner 500ml

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Our ecoStarter Pack is made from recycled paper. We think the recycled paper complements our slightly ugly coloured bottles ( that’s because they are made from 100% recycled NZ milk bottles). Now, you know those pristine white plastic bottles you were buying, are not actually eco! They are made from plastic beads imported from overseas, pure petroleum virgin-based plastic. White or clear so it looks good but is not good for our environment. That’s the ugly truth!

“We are the only eco range of cleaning products in NZ using 100% recycled NZ milk bottles, filled and packed by people with disabilities. The profit we make from sales, goes to creating more jobs, more work for people with disabilities.”

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