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About Bulk

About Bulk

We're pretty chuffed to offer Will&Able in retail and wholesale 5L & 20L options! Please note our bulk and domestic range operate on separate online stores.
We are unable to process joint domestic and bulk orders online, but please send us an email at bulk@willandable.co.nz and we can process joint transactions offline.

All prices on our bulk website are listed as GST exclusive.

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We'll reuse your empties!

We'll reuse your empties!

Did you know you can now send your bulk containers back to our South Island crew to be reused?
All bulk range products are manufactured in our Christchurch facility.
Our expansion to the South Island has meant we have been able to create more jobs across the country for people with disabilities.
Our Christchurch team love repurposing your 5L & 20L containers, and they take great pride in doing their bit to help the planet.

Learn more about our bulk upcycling initiative