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A simple and convenient way to get your kitchen needs sorted. The Kitchen Pack gives you four products from our range for your kitchen needs! 

  • ecoDish Liquid 
  • ecoDish Powder 
  • ecoMulti-Purpose  
  • ecoHand Soap

All products are eco-friendly making them better for you and the planet and bottled using 100% recycled NZ milk bottles.

Take it a step further and up-cycle your bottles to 'close the loop’ with our RETURN TO SENDER option for just $2. Click "return to sender" at checkout.  

Help us create more jobs for people with disabilities by grabbing yourself a Kitchen Pack!

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Here's an idea, pay it forward and send a pack to a friend. Or surprise your clients! Or your partner! Give them a gift that keeps on cleaning.

“We are the only eco range of cleaning products in NZ using 100% recycled NZ milk bottles, filled and packed by people with disabilities. The profit we make from sales, goes to creating more jobs, more work for people with disabilities.”

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